Hosted by Desert Southwest Athletic Club

December 6th, 2014

The Devil’s Rugby Cup is a premier rugby 15’s tournament that is hosted by the Tempe based Desert Southwest Athletic Club (DSWAC) and held the first weekend in December each year when the weather is the most enjoyable in Arizona. The event attracts some of the most competitive sr. men’s, sr. women’s, master’s (35+), collegiate (men’s/women’s), and youth (HS boys/girls) clubs from around the nation. The occasional international rugby club makes the Devil’s Rugby Cup a stop on their schedule as well. The event offers an exceptionally impressive social program for the rugby fans as well!

This site contains all the information you’ll ever need to plan for, compete in, and/or spectate at the event including, but not limited to key event dates and deadlines, registration fees, park location, rules and regulations, hotel, and party-related information.

Devils Rugby Cup 2014 Black Shirt Proof

Official Devils Rugby Cup t-shirts will be available for sale:  $10

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